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Create Inputs and Outputs
Inputs and outputs are created in the same way, but they have different requirements due to their roles in a process. Outputs from steps create pipeline data, and are available to select as inputs to steps that are downstream in the pipeline. Inputs to all steps must exist upstream in the pipeline. If this is not the case, the issue is reported in the Problems view.
To edit the data mapping of fields inside a document or service, select Edit Data Mapping on the Inputs / Outputs page of the Properties view of the document or service whose data you want to map. Alternatively, right-click the step and select Edit Data Mapping from the context menu.
For more information about data mapping in Designer, see in webMethods Service Development Help.
To create an input or output
1. Select a step in the process editor.
2. On the Inputs / Outputs page in the Properties view, click Create new input in the Inputs section or Create new output in the Outputs section.
All inputs must exist upstream in the pipeline. If you create a new input that does not yet exist upstream, you must create an output to feed the new input before completing the process.
3. Create a new input or output, or select an input from upstream in the pipeline:
*If you create a new input or output, configure the Name, Type, and Description, and select the List check box if the input is an array. If you select a Document Reference, select the document from the Choose Document window.
When an Integration Server connection is required but not available, Designer prompts you to connect. If no Integration Server is configured, Designer prompts you to configure one so you can connect to it.
*If you create an input based on an existing output from upstream in the pipeline, you do not need to configure the Name, Type, or Description. Designer populates the values automatically when you select the existing output.
Unnamed inputs and outputs are not saved.
Text entered in the Description field is included in the HTML Documentation Report.
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