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Configuring Pools
You can configure a pool's label, description, orientation, and type in the Properties view.
You can set the default pool orientation in Window > Preferences > Software AG  >  Process Development  > Appearance, and the default pool label color in Window > Preferences > Software AG  >  Process Development  > Appearance > Colors And Fonts. You can right-click a pool and then click Choose Pool Label Color to change its pool label color.
To configure the properties of a pool
1. Select the title bar area of the pool.
2. On the General page in the Properties view, enter or edit descriptive information about the pool:
Property Name
Select the check box to designate the pool as external. A process can have one internal pool and unlimited external pools.
Name of the pool. Default is Pool1.
Description of the pool, for documentation purposes. Text in pool descriptions is searchable.
Select Horizontal or Vertical from the list. The default is set in Window > Preferences > Software AG  >  Process Development  > Appearance.
A process can have only one internal pool. If you change the type of a pool from External to Internal, the default internal pool (the process editor's canvas) will become an external pool. Only steps in internal pools are generated and executed.
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