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Auto-Populate Inputs and Outputs
You can automatically populate the inputs and outputs of a step from its underlying IS service, Web service, task, or rule. This underlying information is known as the service signature.
Auto-populating step inputs and outputs allows Designer to do the data mapping of the step inputs and outputs. If you do not auto-populate with the service signature, you must manually map the data to the appropriate service. Click the Edit Data Mapping link on the Inputs/Outputs page in the Properties view, or right-click a step and click Edit Data Mapping.
Most steps have a single Edit Data Mapping right-click menu option. Call activity steps and task steps have two mapping options in their context menus: Edit Input Data Mapping and Edit Output Data Mapping. Empty steps do not have data to map, so they have no data mapping capability.
For more information about data mapping in Designer, see in webMethods Service Development Help.
To auto-populate a step input or output
1. Select a step in the process editor.
2. On the Inputs / Outputs page in the Properties view, click Auto-populate inputs based on service signature in the Inputs section or Auto-populate outputs based on service signature in the Outputs section.
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