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Assigning Documentation Field Values
You can add documentation fields and assign corresponding values for individual processes, events, activities, gateways, and swimlanes.
To assign a documentation field value
1. Select the process component to which you want to assign a documentation field value.
*Click the process editor's canvas to select the entire process
*Click to select an event, activity, gateway, or swimlane
2. On the Documentation page in the Properties view, select the field in the Documentation Fields list whose value you want to assign. Documentation fields specific to this component as well as default documentation fields are listed.
3. In the Value for Field: <field name> box, enter or edit the information about the field or process that you want to store. You can click the field label to show or hide the text box underneath it.
The description must include only text. Preface a URL with http:// or https:// to create a clickable link in the HTML output; URLs are not clickable in the text box.
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