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ARIS Extended XPDL Attributes
ARIS Architect supports some extensions that Software AG Designer uses in its processes to allow a more complete process model exchange. These extensions are preserved as extended attributes in the XPDL during process transformation.
ARIS Extended Attribute
Error Handler
ext:errorHandler=”error handler Activity ID
Cancel Handler
ext:cancelHandler=”cancel handler Activity ID
Timeout Handler
ext:timeoutHandler=”timeout handler Activity ID
Additional timeoutHandler attributes:
*ext:isStaticTimeout=”true or false
*ext:timeoutValue=”static timeout value in milliseconds (does not apply if the timeout is not static)
When you import an ARIS model with these extended attributes, Designer recognizes the appropriate handler activities.
<WorkflowProcesses ext:cancelHandler="fc42a46c-7138-11e3-6e9c-af8089f2ab89" ext:errorHandler="fc42a469-7138-11e3-6e9c-af8089f2ab89" ext:isStaticTimeout="true" ext:timeoutHandler="fc42a47b-7138-11e3-6e9c-af8089f2ab89" ext:timeoutValue="10000">
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