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Adding a Gateway
To add a gateway to a process
1. Open the process model you want to work with in the process editor and do one of the following:
*Drag the gateway you want to add from the palette to the design canvas, or, in the process editor palette, click the gateway you want to add, then click in the design canvas where you want to place it. You must use one of these methods the first time you add a gateway to an empty canvas.
*Hover the cursor over an existing step on the canvas to display the speed buttons. Click the gateway speed button and then click the canvas at the location where you want to add the task activity. A transition line is created automatically from the source step to the gateway.
If the gateway is not the one you want, right-click the gateway and click Change Gateway Type to specify a different gateway.
You can set the label of the gateway to be empty, or to have the same name as another step in the process. You can also change the placement of the label. For more information, see About Step Labels.
2. Add transition lines if needed and configure the gateway as necessary in the Properties view.
3. Save the process.
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