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Activating the WmClosedLoopAnalytics Package
Prior to executing this procedure, you must install the Closed Loop Analytics feature using Software AG Installer (Solutions > Closed Loop Analytics in the Installer product selection page).
Your Closed Loop Analytics installation contains predefined Integration Server package that enable you to develop your own customized escalation solutions. You must copy this package to the \packages directory in your Integration Server instance, and then activate the package in Integration Server Administrator.
To activate the predefined WmCloseLoop Analytics package
1. Open this directory in your Software AG installation: \Solutions\ClosedLoopAnalytics\ProjectSources\ISPackage
2. Copy the WmClosedLoopAnalytics directory to: \IntegrationServer\instances\instanceName\packages
3. In a browser, open the Integration Server Administrator for the targeted instance.
4. Click Packages > Management > Activate Inbound Packages.
5. Make sure WmClosedLoopAnalytics is selected, then click Activate Package.
6. In the Package Navigator view in Software AG Designer, make sure the view is connected to the target Integration Server, and then refresh the view to see the WmClosedLoopAnalytics package.
You can expand the package in the Package Navigator view to access its contents, and open the contents in an appropriate editor:
*DocType: wm.closedloopanalytics.docTypes:DueDateOffset
*DocType: wm.closedloopanalytics.docTypes:ProcessEscalation
*Service: wm.closedloopanalytics.service:getOffsetDate
*Service: wm.closedloopanalytics.service:StartEscalationProcess
*Trigger: wm.closedloopanalytics.service:ProcessEscalationJmsTrigger:ProcessEscalationJmsTrigger
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