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About the webMethods Referenced Process Step
In Software AG Designer Process Development version 8.1 and earlier, the only means of calling an external process from within a process model was to use a proprietary webMethods referenced process step. This webMethods referenced process step enabled you to invoke one or more referenced processes from within a process model.
The webMethods referenced process step available in version 8.1 and earlier was removed from the palette of steps in version 8.2 and was replaced with the BPMN 2.0 call activity step. For backwards compatibility, a call activity step can be configured to replicate the behavior of the removed webMethods referenced process step. For more information, see About webMethods Referenced Processes.
Although still available, the ability to invoke a referenced process from a call activity step is deprecated. You are advised to implement all of your steps that invoke another process as BPMN 2.0 call activity steps that invoke a callable process.
When imported from versions of Designer earlier than 8.2, referenced process steps are converted to call activity steps configured for referenced process behavior.
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