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About EDA Event Type Storage
Event types are stored in and available from two separate locations:
*The Event Type Store is a shared run-time repository of predefined (by Software AG) event types and all deployed user-defined (custom) EDA event types. This shared location is used by all EDA participants (including the Process Engine) at run time to retrieve deployed custom EDA event types. Custom event types that are created during design time in Designer are added to the Event Type Store automatically upon deployment of the process model that contains them.
*A local EDA event type repository is created in your Designer workspace when you create an event type with the Events Development perspective, or when you import predefined event types from the Event Type Store. This repository is visible in the Project Explorer view, where you can browse through event type projects. The repository is also available with the Browse button for the Send or Receive Document field on the Implementation page in the Properties view.
The Project Explorer view is included by default in the Events Development perspective, and you can add it to the Process Development perspective, or any other perspective. You can also use standard Eclipse functionality to open the Project Explorer as a detached view.
For more information about deploying EDA assets to the Event Type Store, see the PDF publication Implementing Event-Driven Architecture with webMethods Products.
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