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About Statically-Invoked Processes
When you invoke a callable process or a referenced process statically, you specify the name of a specific process model; this process is always the process that is invoked by this step. You can create a static call activity step by dragging an existing process onto the process canvas in Designer, or by creating an empty call activity step on the canvas and configuring it as required. For more information, see Configuring Call Activities.
During run time, the parent process pauses when the callable or referenced process is started, waiting for the child process to complete, just as it would for an internally-executed step, and then resumes after the child process has completed. For referenced processes, you can specify any return documents that the parent process expects to receive back from the referenced process.
A static referenced process call activity step must always wait for the child process to complete before proceeding to the next step in the process. You can execute multiple instances of the child process by configuring the call activity step for standard looping, as described in About Standard Looping.
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