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About Rule Actions
Rules can call a service and run that service: a service action. They can call a process and tell it to invoke (start) itself, or, if it is already running, to suspend itself/cancel itself/fail itself, OR, if it is suspended, to resume itself. Rules can also call a user task within a process in order that a human can make a decision as to the way in which the rule is ultimately applied. This is a unique process action known as a manual decision, sometimes referred to as a task action.
Rule actions are constructed in the Rules Explorer view and can then be dragged from there into decision tables, which can then be used in rules.
For more information about service actions, see webMethods BPM Rules Development Help. For more information about process actions, see About Process Actions.
In order to use a rule action in a process, you need to configure your Minimum Logging Level for the process to 5 - Process and all steps. Designer uses this data to identify the requirements of the rule action. See Configuring a Process.
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