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About Retries
Software AG business processes provide the capability to automatically retry either a webMethods referenced process or a BPMN callable process associated with a call activity step. To enable this behavior, you must set the Retry Count (on the Implementation page in the Properties view of the call activity step) to a value greater than 0 to indicate the number of times the child process is to be retried after an initial failure.
A value of 3, for example would retry the child process 3 times after the initial failure for a total of 4 executions. You may also specify a Retry Interval (specified in milliseconds) to indicate how much time should elapse between retry attempts.
When a retry is configured, the parent call activity will retry the child process after the configured retry interval. If the child process fails again, the retry algorithm is invoked, until the retry count is reached.
If the retry count is reached, the error handling configured in the parent call activity is executed. If the child process completes normally during a retry attempt, no further retry attempts are made and the call activity continues as normal.
The retry algorithm is not activated when:
*The child process is canceled. In this case, the normal cancel-handling logic is executed at the parent call activity step.
*The child process ends in failure and the child is configured to “not escalate” the failure to the parent process.
In other words, the retry algorithm is activated only when the child process ends in failure and escalates that failure to the parent process.
When a retry attempt is made, a child process instance is created with the same process ID as the original child invocation but with an incremented “instance iteration.” Retry attempts of a child process do not result in separate step iterations of the parent call activity. In other words, a single iteration of a call activity step may be the parent of multiple child processes during the retry algorithm.
Although it is permissible in the system, it is not advised to resubmit a child process that is also configured to retry automatically upon failure. Doing so can result in unexpected conditions.
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