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About Process Logic
Process Expression Evaluation Logic
The Process Engine provides a wide range of logic to support step-to-step processing. This logic offers a flexible framework for dealing with the conditions that can occur during process run time, such as:
*Error conditions
*Timeout conditions
*If and Else condition handling
*Excessive step iterations
*Unsatisfied join conditions
With this logic, you can use the Process Development perspective in Software AG Designer to create process models that enable one or more outputs from a process step, depending on the outcome of the step processing. These step outputs, or transitions, enable you to create multiple processing paths within the model.
With BPMN 2.0 functionality, you can implement converging/diverging (joining) patterns by using a gateway step. For information about working with BPMN gateway steps, see the webMethods BPM Process Development Help. The Process Engine supports the following types of join steps:
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