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What is Dynamic Apps Platform?
Dynamic Apps Platform provides a set of components and tools that enable you to create and manage cases, and leverage them in a business process. A case represents a situation-specific goal that you want to achieve using the software system. Usually the goal defined in a case is not repeatable or requires greater flexibility when it comes to selecting and ordering activities. A case includes a sequence of actions that involve interaction between a system and people. You can define each action required in a case as a case task. After you define a case and its tasks, you can do the following:
*Include the case as a step in a business process model, developed in Software AG Designer with webMethods Process Engine (Process-to-Case). When you include a case in a process model, the process completes successfully when all tasks included in the case get completed by the process.
*Invoke a business process, developed in Software AG Designer with Process Engine, from the case (Case-to-Process). When you invoke a process from a case, the successful completion of the process does not automatically lead to completion of the case because the case might also require other actions.
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