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The Portlets Properties File
The portlets properties file, partitionNamePortlets.properties, lists the portlets affected by the phase provider for a specific partition. For development or testing purposes, you can override the phase provider for individual portlets.
The structure of the portlets properties file is simple. Each portlet resides on a separate line, followed by the = sign, as shown in this example:
A portlets properties file is not required for a partition in which all portlets are enabled. In this case, you can omit the initFile and initFileComponentsEnabled attributes in the phase provider file, which would otherwise manage use of the portlets properties file.
Temporarily Overriding the Phase Provider File
For development or testing, you can temporarily override the default behavior of the phase provider for an individual file. By prefixing a + or - sign to the = sign, you can specify how the portlet will act:
Causes the portlet to be enabled, regardless of the phase provider.
Causes the portlet to be disabled, regardless of the phase provider.
Say, for example, the initFileComponentsEnabled attribute is false, which causes all portlets listed in the portlets properties file to be disabled. To enable any portlet in the list above, change = to +=, such as this:
When you later remove the + sign, the portlet will be disabled along with the other portlets in the list.
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