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The Phase Provider File
A phase provider file, partitionNamePhaseProvider.xml, determines whether portlets are enabled or disabled for a partition. Each partition can have its own phase provider file. A partition that does not have a unique phase provider associated with it uses the default phaseProvider.xml file. The portion of the phase provider file that applies to this topic is in the portlet phase nested inside the CoreServices phase:
<!-- All services come on line -->
<Phase name="CoreServices" enabled="true"
   <PhaseInfo name="portlet" enabled="true"
Specifies the portlets properties file containing a list of portlets to be affected by the phase provider for the partition.
Specifies whether the portlets listed in the partition portlets properties file are to be enabled or disabled:
*false: The listed portlets will be disabled.
*true: The listed portlets are the only ones that will be enabled.
In the example above, the portlets properties file is adminPortlets.properties and the initFileComponentsEnabled attribute is false, meaning that file contains a list of portlets to be disabled.
The initFile and initFileComponentsEnabled attributes are not required. If you omit these attributes, all portlets are enabled in the partition.
To create a new phase provider file for a partition, make a copy of the default phaseProvider.xml file and make changes as needed.
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