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The My webMethods Server Embedded Database
Under some circumstances, you can configure My webMethods Server during installation to use an embedded database instead of an external RDBMS. You can use the embedded database when you are:
*Installing My webMethods Server for the sole purpose of running the Broker Messaging user interface in My webMethods.
*Installing My webMethods Server for the sole purpose of running Command Central.
*Not installing My webMethods Server in a production environment.
*Not clustering instances of My webMethods Server.
If you are installing My webMethods Server for any other purpose, you must use an external RDBMS.
You cannot later switch to write data to an external RDBMS instead of the embedded database.
My webMethods Server uses Derby, a file-based database, as its embedded database. If one database file gets corrupted, the entire database might become unusable. Software AG therefore recommends backing up the My webMethods Server_directory \MWS\server\serverName\data\db folder regularly so you will be able to return to the last known good state if necessary. If you do not take a backup, you can restore the database to an empty state from the My webMethods Server_directory \MWS\server\template-derby.zip\data\db directory.
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