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The Java Service Wrapper Configuration Files
For My webMethods Server, the configuration files for the Java Service Wrapper reside in the following directory:
Software AG_directory \profiles\MWS_serverName\configuration
When you start My webMethods Server, property settings in the following files determine the configuration of the JVM and the behavior of the logging and monitoring features of the Java Service Wrapper.
File name
Contains property settings that are installed by My webMethods Server.
Do not modify the contents of this file unless asked to do so by Software AG.
Contains properties that modify the installed settings in wrapper.conf.
If you need to modify the property settings for the Java Service Wrapper, you make your changes in this file.
Contains settings that are applied to the wrapper.conf file when My webMethods Server is updated or upgraded. Do not modify this file.
The file is located here:
Software AG_directory \MWS\server\serverName\config\
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