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The Cluster Partition File
The cluster partition file, clusterPartitions.xml, defines the partitions on the cluster and assigns nodes to each partition.The data structure for a partition in the clusterPartitions.xml file looks like this:
   <Partition name="partitionName"
      <Component name="componentName">
Is the name assigned to the partition. Other configuration files use this name to identify the partition.
An alternate Front End URL.
The frontEndUrl attribute is optional, allowing the partition to use a different Front End URL than the cluster as a whole. If you omit this attribute, the partition uses the frontEndUrl value in the cluster.xml file.
The name of a component (a cluster node) that is part of the partition. The component name is the same as the component name in the cluster.xml file.
Entries in clusterPartitions.xml conform to the following rules:
*There is one Partition element for each partition in the cluster. There is always at least one Partition element.
*Each Component element represents a cluster node that is a member of the partition. There can be zero or more nodes specified for a partition.
*If there is only one Partition element in the file, all cluster nodes are members of that partition, regardless of whether they are represented by a Component element.
*Any cluster node not specifically represented within a Partition element is automatically a member of the last partition defined in the file.
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