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Setting Initial and Maximum Memory Limits
You can configure the initial and maximum amount of memory that is allocated by the JVM at startup. The Java Service Wrapper uses these parameters, shown with their default values:
Value in megabytes
To use the default values that are configured in the JVM itself, specify zero (0) in the properties of the custom_wrapper.conf file. For example:
If you specify a value for the wrapper.java.initmemory memory property, make sure that it is smaller than the value of the wrapper.java.maxmemory property.
Raising the Maximum Memory Limit on UNIX
On UNIX or Linux systems, if My webMethods Server fails to initialize, you may need to increase the maximum amount of available memory or the maximum open files limit. This need can occur if you have multiple language packs installed, or if there are multiple webMethods components installed on the server.
In the custom_wrapper.conf file, specify the maximum memory limit in megabytes. To double the maximum available memory, for example, change this value:
to this:
Each UNIX platform has its own method for configuring Open File limits. Here is an example on how to increase the maximum Open Files limit parameters on Linux:
ulimit -c unlimited
ulimit -n 8192
Check with your administrator to make these changes on Linux or other UNIX platforms.
For information on editing this custom_wrapper.conf, see Configuring JVM Settings for My webMethods Server.
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