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Security Assertion Markup Language
My webMethods Server supports single sign-on through the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), an XML-based framework for the exchange of security information. Using SAML, an application on a target computer grants access based on an assertion from the source computer.
My webMethods Server can be the calling program, or Security Provider, or can be configured to authenticate the user sign-on for a target web application. For more information, see Configuring My webMethods Server Single Sign-On.
My webMethods Server supports third-party identity provider (IDP) initiated single sign-on. You can configure My webMethods Server to use SAML 2.0 for exchanging authentication and authorization data between My webMethods Server (Service Provider) and a third-party IDP. In this case, My webMethods Server will be a SAML consumer and the third-party identity provider (IDP) will be the SAML authority. For information about configuring third-party IDP initiated single sign-on, see Configuring Single Sign-On for Using a Third-Party Identity Provider.
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