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NTLM Authentication
NTLM (Windows NT LAN Manager) is an authentication protocol used in various Microsoft network protocol implementations and supported by the NTLM Security Support Provider (NTLMSSP). Originally used for authentication and negotiation of secure DCE/RPC, NTLM is also used throughout Microsoft's systems as an integrated single sign-on mechanism. On Windows deployments, when NTLM is set up and configured as an authentication scheme for My webMethods Server, users do not need to re-authenticate for server resources if they are already logged into a Windows domain. You can choose either NTLM or NTLM version 2 (NTLMv2) authentication.
To use NTLM authentication you need to explicitly specify the Primary Domain Controller for the domain, as described in Configuring NTLM Authentication.
To use NTLMv2, you need to purchase the Jespa Java software library from IOPLEX Software. For information on configuring NTLMv2, see Configuring NTLMv2 Authentication.
You can use either the webMethods NTLM authentication or NTLMv2, but not both at the same time.
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