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My webMethods Server Diagnostic Tools
You can use the My webMethods Server diagnostic tools to capture and analyze data about server operation. The My webMethods Server diagnostic tools have two types of tools, diagnostic command line tools and diagnostic portlets. This topic contains a brief overview of the diagnostic tools. For complete information, see Diagnosing My webMethods Server.
With the diagnostic command line tools, you can do the following:
*Use the threaddump tool to capture data on thread execution for servers on a local or remote system
*Use the envcapture tool to capture environment-specific server information to be provided to Software AG Global Support for troubleshooting assistance
*Use the envdiff tool to compare XML files that result from the capture of environment-specific server information
*Use the memorydump tool to capture server memory allocation information
*Use the loganalyzer tool to identify and analyze issues reported in the errors.log file
With the diagnostic portlets you can do the following:
*Use the thread Dump tool to monitor thread execution deadlocks in server threads
*Use the Performance Analysis tool to measure and analyze the performance of services and custom portlets or applications using an embedded performance-monitoring service
*Use the Performance Statistics tools to display statistic and analysis information about the performance of various server actions, which are grouped by categories
*Use the Log Analysis tools to read and analyze log files created within the server in accordance with the log4j mechanism
*Use the Memory Monitor tool to monitor the memory usage of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and send notifications to administrators when the configured threshold limits are reached
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