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Managing Redirection in My webMethods Server
Adding Servers to a Whitelist
Removing Servers from a Whitelist
In My webMethods Server, when you click a button or other action on a page, it can result in a redirection that takes you to an external site. While redirection is a useful feature, it has the potential to point a user to a malicious external site. Direct links created using the Link control or the Bookmark workspace tool are not affected by this issue.
A whitelist is a list of trusted entities, in this case trusted servers. Using the Redirection Whitelist Administration page, you can create a whitelist containing servers to which My webMethods Server can safely redirect a request.
By default, My webMethods Server does not allow redirection to any external site, making it less prone to malicious exploitation. The server does allow redirection to the cluster front end, localhost, and the loopback address (, which are required for operation.
If you need to allow redirection to external servers, you can add them using the Redirection Whitelist Administration page. Servers are identified by host name or IP address. The whitelist is stored in the server database, making it available to all servers in a My webMethods Server cluster.
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