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Managing Authentication Certificates as My webMethods Administrator
Adding an Authentication Certificate
Searching for Authentication Certificates
Viewing Details of an Authentication Certificate
Assigning a User to an Authentication Certificate
Changing Users for an Authentication Certificate
Removing a User from an Authentication Certificate
Deleting an Authentication Certificate
As My webMethods Administrator you can manage authentication certificates for users who connect to Integration Server or other webMethods applications. Authentication certificates do not govern a connection between a user and My webMethods Server. To be assigned a certificate, the user must be a member of the system directory service or an external directory service connected to My webMethods Server. For more information about working with directory services, see Managing Directory Services.
The assignment of users to authenticates follows these rules:
*A user can be assigned to multiple certificates.
*An instance of a certificate can have only one user assigned to it, but you can add multiple instances of a certificate, each with a different certificate type, and assign a different user to each instance.
You can perform the following actions with certificates:
*Add a certificate.
*Search for a certificate.
*View details of a certificate.
*Assign a user to a certificate.
*Change users for a certificate.
*Delete a certificate.
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