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Log Files for mws Commands
Every time you issue one of the mws commands from the command line, My webMethods Server creates a log file of information written to the console. The command name takes this form:
*command-name is the name of the mws command.
*server-name is the name of the server instance affected by the command.
For example, if you issue this command:
mws -s alpha create-osgi-profile
The resulting log file has the name create-osgi-profile_alpha.log.
The log files are written to this location:
Software AG_directory \MWS\bin
When you issue an mws command and a log file for that command already exists, My webMethods Server completely overwrites the existing log file. If you want to maintain the old log file, make a backup copy of it before reissuing the command.
If the mws command is unsuccessful, one quick way to check the log file is to search for the existence of this exit code:
ExitCode: 13
Following that code, you should find the missing requirement, possibly a missing bundle or feature ID. If you cannot find an obvious reason for the failure, be prepared to make a copy of the log file available to Software AG Global Support.
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