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Introduction to My webMethods Server
My webMethods Server is a run-time container for functions made available by webMethods applications. The user interface in which you perform these functions is called My webMethods. My webMethods provides a ready-made environment in which users can perform functions on webMethods applications, and administrators can manage access to those functions. In addition, My webMethods Server gives you the capability to develop additional user interface pages, and a broad-based set of administrative tools with which to manage the increased capabilities.
My webMethods Server recognizes two types of administrators, based on the functions they perform:
My webMethods Administrator
The default administrator of My webMethods. This user can perform user management functions and manage external directory services. As installed, the user ID is “Administrator” and the password is “manage”. For more information about functions available to this user, see My webMethods Administrator Functions.
System administrator
The system administrator for My webMethods Server. This user can manage My webMethods Server, including analysis, configuration, content, and user management. As installed, the user ID is “SysAdmin” and the password is “manage”. This administrator does not use the My webMethods user interface. For more information about functions available to this account, see System Administrator Functions.
In some cases, both types of administrator can perform the same functions, such as performing user management. Where there are differences between the My webMethods and system user interfaces, the procedures describe both.
This guide is organized into multiple parts:
For this activity...
Getting started as an administrator, changing the configuration of My webMethods Server, using external web servers, and running servers from the command line.
Managing users, groups, and roles as a My webMethods Administrator.
Managing the advanced capabilities of My webMethods Server as a system administrator.
Developing and managing user interface pages.
Using Command Central to manage My webMethods Server.
For additional information:
For this activity...
Installation and initial configuration of My webMethods Server.
Installing Software AG Products
The basic activities an individual user can perform on My webMethods applications.
Working with My webMethods
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