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Integration with Web Servers
My webMethods Server can integrate with the leading web servers, such as Microsoft Internet Information Server or Apache HTTP Server. The primary mechanism for integrating My webMethods Server with a third party web server in a distributed deployment scenario requires the use of a small plug-in that is installed and configured on the web server. This plug-in forwards HTTP requests from the web server to My webMethods Server.
My webMethods Server provides an integrated servlet engine with Jetty, which is a built-in web server that supports both HTTP and HTTPS. As such, having a separate web server tier is not a hard requirement.
There are several reasons for configuring My webMethods Server with an external web server (or cluster of web servers). The most notable reason is to adhere to corporate IT policies and procedures. My webMethods Server supports a flexible deployment model that allows an external web server (or cluster of web servers) to handle all HTTP requests that can be separately load balanced.
Integrating an external web server to handle HTTP requests requires configuring a web server plug-in on the external web server machine(s). The web server plug-in leverages code from the Jakarta web server project which is used extensively across many production-quality web server products.
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