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How does Dynamic Apps Platform Work in the Case-to-Process Scenario?
The following sections describe the tasks that you must perform to invoke a business process from an AgileApps Cloud case.
Configure Universal Messaging Channels
By default, Universal Messaging creates two channels, CaseToProcess and ProcessToCase, when you install webMethods Integration Server and Process Engine.
Enable communication between AgileApps Cloud and Process Engine over Universal Messaging:
1. Connect to a Universal Messaging server in AgileApps Cloud.
2. Create a Universal Messaging channel for the communication in AgileApps Cloud.
Connect to Integration Server in AgileApps Cloud
Add an Integration Server instance with Process Engine in AgileApps Cloud. When you later create a business rule to invoke a process from a case, you choose from the process models currently available in Process Engine.
Create a Business Rule in AgileApps Cloud
Create a business rule in AgileApps Cloud that executes a business process when a case is created.
Monitor the Business Process
Optionally, monitor the execution of the business process in webMethods Mobile Monitor or Business Console.
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