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Guidelines for Assigning Specific Cluster Roles
You can assign cluster roles to each node in a cluster following the guidelines that follow. Any time you change the roles assigned to a cluster node, you need to restart the node for the assignments to take effect.
*The Auto Deploy, Task Engine, and Notification roles can be assigned to as many nodes as you need.
*Nodes that are running one or more roles can be further broken down and separately clustered. This may be necessary if your scalability requirements warrant setting up additional cluster roles to handle increased traffic.
*The configuration data for each node is stored in the cluster.xml file. It is possible to edit the data for your cluster directly in the cluster.xml file, provided you know the proper data structures and values for the properties of your cluster.For more information, see Working with the cluster.xml File.
*Any changes to the cluster configuration will require each node to be restarted.
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