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Group Membership Across Directory Services
If you have multiple LDAP, ADSI, or ADAM directory services configured on My webMethods Server, the server can query for group membership across all of the configured directory services. This feature is useful if Users need to be in a branch of the Directory Tree that is distant enough from Groups that it is inefficient to have only one directory service mounted at a root that encompasses both users and groups. Instead, you might configure two directory services. One service points at the root of the User branch while the other points at the root of the Group branch. For example, you might have a directory structure similar to this:
o=MyCompany, ou=Americas, ou=US, ou=Groups
o=MyCompany, ou=Americas, ou=US, ou=Users
o=MyCompany, ou=Americas, ou=Mexico, ou=Groups
o=MyCompany, ou=Americas, ou=Mexico, ou=Users
and so forth....
My webMethods Server would not perform well with a single directory service pointing to o=MyCompany. Instead the administrator might create multiple directory services pointing to ou=Americas and other regional OUs. But suppose that Groups can have members from multiple regions, as might be common in large international organizations. In that case, it is possible for the membership of a Group to span multiple directory services.
To make it possible to query for group membership across all configured directory services, set Enable Group Across Directory Service for each directory service to Yes. Enable Group Across Directory Service.
Enabling this feature can noticeably degrade login performance.
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