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Using the Enterprise Viewer
The Enterprise Viewer is a read-only version of the Enterprise Manager. Its purpose is to allow clients to view the Universal Messaging environment without the need for special administration rights.
Basically, it offers the same views as the Enterprise Manager, but you cannot use it to modify your Universal Messaging environment in any way. This means, for example, that you cannot create or delete channels and queues, and you cannot publish any events.
Starting the Enterprise Viewer
Windows platforms
Windows users can start the Enterprise Viewer by selecting the appropriate component from the Universal Messaging group in the Windows Start menu.
You can also type a command of the following form on the command line:
where <UM_install_dir> is the installation root location and <UM_server_name> is the name of the Universal Messaging server.
UNIX / Linux platforms
You can launch the Enterprise Viewer on Unix / Linux platforms by starting the nenterpriseview executable, which you can find at the following location:
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