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Content Migration Considerations
Content migration involves two distinct activities: exporting the content from the source server instance, followed by importing the content on the target server instance. Before performing these actions, consider the following:
*Migrating portlets and DBOs: If you are developing or installing any portlets on a development server and want to migrate pages that contain instances of these portlets, you must deploy them on the target server before migrating any pages or published instances of the portlets that were developed or installed on the development server instance.
*Migrating published content: Content published to the Content Management system can be migrated from one server instance to another. If you are using your development environment to configure permissions on items published to the content management system, you have the option to migrate the permissions as well.
*Migrating links: To properly migrate internal links with references to other objects, such as a link from one page to another, create aliases for these links instead of using the base URL.
For example, if you want to publish a link to an existing page, such as a Sales page that has the following as its initial URL:
Create an alias that points to this URL, but has a more friendly URL such as the following:
*Migrating permissions and subscriptions: To properly migrate permissions and subscriptions from a source to target server instance, be sure that both servers are pointing to the same directory services.
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