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Configuring JVM Out-of-Memory Checks
You can configure the properties that control and resolve the out-of-memory conditions by filtering the console output of the JVM. These properties use this syntax:
The number n starts from one and increases by one for each consecutive element. As a rule, the chain of additional parameters must start at 1 and be consecutive. However, if you enable wrapper.ignore_sequence_gaps property, the sequence can be broken.
The following table describes the available parameters, the recommended values, and the corresponding descriptions.
Recommended Value
wrapper.filter. trigger.n=
java.lang.OutOfMemory Error
Enables a query for an out-of-memory condition on the console output of the JVM.
wrapper.filter. action.n=
Controls the action if the configured filter is met (an out-of-memory condition occurs).
wrapper.filter. message.n=
The JVM has run out of memory.
Controls the message that is displayed if the filter is met (an out-of-memory condition occurs).
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