Dynamic Apps Platform : Universal Messaging Administration Guide : Command Line Administration Tools : Performing Standard Administration Tasks on Realms and Clusters
Performing Standard Administration Tasks on Realms and Clusters
Using the Tools Runner application, you can launch command line tools for performing standard administration tasks on realms and clusters.
Tools are available to perform the following tasks:
*Creating, deleting and monitoring channels and queues
*Creating clusters
*Adding, modifying and deleting interfaces (HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, Sockets)
*Adding and deleting ACL entries for channels, queues and realms
For example, the CreateChannel tool allows you to create a channel on a specified realm, with a number of optional arguments - including TTL, ACLs, and many more - available through the parameters passed to the tool.
To see the complete set of administration tools available, start the Tools Runner application without any parameters, as described in the section Starting the Tools using the Tools Runner Application.
The names of the administration tools are self-explanatory, for example:
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