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Introduction to the Administration Tools
Universal Messaging provides a set of command line tools that allow you to perform many of the common actions available through Universal Messaging. Examples of how to use the tools are also provided.
The tools can in general be grouped into the following categories:
General administration tasks
This is a set of tools for performing many of the common administration actions available through Universal Messaging.
For example, the CreateChannel tool allows you to create a channel on a specified realm, with a number of optional arguments - including TTL, ACLs, and many more - available through the parameters passed to the tool.
Configuration health checker
This tool allows you to check your configuration setup for either a single realm or for a cluster. The tool notifies you of any errors or inconsistencies in your setup.
You can run the health check on a running system (realm or cluster). You can also run the health check offline on the basis of XML files containing the configuration of a realm or cluster (one XML configuration file per realm).
These tools are described in the following sections.
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