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Zones are a logical grouping of one or more Universal Messaging server instances (realms) that maintain active connections to each other. Each Universal Messaging server instance can be a member of zero or one zone, but a server instance cannot be a member of more than one zone. For more information about zones, see the Zones section in the Universal Messaging Concepts guide.
You can create, edit, or delete a zone using the Command Central web user interface. You can create Zone with Realms consisting one or more reams, or create Zone with Clusters consisting one or more Universal Messaging clusters. You can export the zone configuration using the Export option.
The table describes the zone parameters required to create a zone:
Zone name
Required. Name of the zone, it is used to uniquely identify this zone.
Servers (for Zone with Realms)
Clustered servers (for Zone with Clusters)
Required. Provide server URL and name if you are creating a Zone with Realms or provide all or one of the cluster nodes if you are creating a Zone with Clusters.
*Server URL: Universal Messaging server URL.
*Server name: Name of the Universal Messaging server.
*Cluster configuration: Automatically populated with the cluster name.
You can provide any one cluster node and all the running nodes of the cluster will be added to the zone.
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