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Universal Messaging Run-time Monitoring Statuses
The Command Central instances page displays the run-time status of a Universal Messaging server instance in the status column. The Universal Messaging can have one of the following run-time status:
*Online online: Server instance is online.
*Failed failed: Server instance failed. For example, the Universal Messaging server instance stopped unexpectedly due an error or system failure.
*Stopped stopped: Server instance is not running.
*Stopping stopping: Server instance is stopping.
*Unresponsive unresponsive: Server instance is running, but it is unresponsive. When none of the server interfaces are connected to the server.
*Unknown unknown: Server instance status cannot be determined.
When you have set up a Universal Messaging cluster, the run-time status indicates if a server instance is:
*Online Master online master: Server instance is online and it is the master node in the cluster.
*Online Slave online slave: Server instance is online and it is the slave node in the cluster.
*Error : Server instance is part of a cluster that does not satisfy the requisite quorum.
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