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General Properties
You can configure a Universal Messaging server instance by editing the configuration parameters. The large number of Universal Messaging configuration parameters are organized into groups. The parameters in each group are organized into two categories: Basic and Advanced. The properties in the Basic category are commonly used. The properties in the Advanced category is less frequently used, and are intended for special cases or expert users.
You can view and configure properties only when the Universal Messaging server instance is Online.
Configure this group...
To modify...
Audit Settings
Parameters to configure what gets logged in the audit file.
Client Timeout Values
Parameters to configure client-server communication timeout settings.
Cluster Config
Parameters to configure clustering.
Comet Config
Parameters to configure Comet communication protocol connection.
Connection Config
Parameters to configure client-server connection.
Data Stream Config
Parameters to configure data streams.
Environment Config
System environment configuration parameters.
You cannot modify the environment configuration parameters, the parameters are read-only.
Event Storage
Parameters to configure how events are stored, and retrieved from the server.
Fanout Values
Parameters to configure delivery of events to the clients.
Global Values
Parameters to configure various global Universal Messaging server instance properties. For example, AllowRealmAdminFullAccess.
Inter-Realm Comms Config
Parameters to configure communication across Universal Messaging server instances.
JVM Management
Parameters to configure the JVM used by the Universal Messaging server.
Join Config
Parameters to modify join properties.
Logging Config
Parameters to modify logging configuration.
Metric Config
Parameters to enable or disable system metrics such as memory usage.
MQTT Config
Parameters to configure MQTT.
Plugin Config
Parameters for Universal Messaging server plugin configuration.
Protobuf Config
Parameters to configure Google protocol buffers.
Protocol AMQP Config
Parameters to configure AMQP connections.
Protocol MQTT Config
Timeout value for MQTT connections.
Proxy Forward Config
Parameters to configure proxy settings.
Parameters to configure clients that are in recovery and replaying large number of events.
Server Protection
Parameters to configure server protection such as flow control of producer connections.
Thread Pool Config
Parameters for server thread pools.
Parameters for Universal Messaging transaction engine.
For information about configuration group parameters and their values, see Realm Configuration.
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