Dynamic Apps Platform : Universal Messaging Administration Guide : Using Command Central to Manage Universal Messaging : Securing Access to Command Central : Changing the Authentication Mode
Changing the Authentication Mode
1. Click the Instances tab to view all the available Universal Messaging server instances.
2. Click an Universal Messaging instance name to access the Dashboard.
The Dashboard contains information about the specific Universal Messaging server instance such as status, alerts, and KPIs.
3. In the Details section of the Dashboard, click in the Authentication field to change the authentication mode.
The Authentication Mode dialog box appears.
4. Select one of the following authentication modes:
*System default: Use default authentication method.
*None: No authentication method is used.
*Trusted: Password-less authentication for predefined administrative user account.
*Delegated: SAML-based authentication and authorization for the currently logged in user.
*Fixed user: Authenticate the specified administrative user credentials. Provide a user name and password for the user.
To use basic authentication, you must change the authentication mode for a run-time component to Fixed User. Command Central uses basic authentication with a fixed user to communicate with Platform Manager. With Fixed User authentication, the authentication credentials for the Platform Manager will be fixed.
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