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Operations You Can Perform in Work Stream
Work Stream is a categorized drill-down list. You can perform the following operations based on the permissions assigned to you.
*View, filter, and search case types
*View and search case instances in case list
*Start a case instance
*Drill-down and view case instance details
*Perform actions on case instances in case list
*Customize case keylinks
*Configure columns in a case list
*Hide case type
*Pin case type
*View, filter, and search process types
*View and search process instances and callable processes in process list
*Drill-down and view process instance details
*Perform actions on process instances in process list
*Configure columns in a process list
*Customize process badges
*Hide process type
*Pin process type
*View, filter, and search task types
*Schedule the delegation of tasks associated with a particular task type
*View and search task instances and to-do lists in task list
*Start a task instance
*Create a to-do list
*Drill-down and view task instance details
*Perform actions on task instances in task list
*Configure columns in a task list
*Customize keylinks
*Hide task type
*Pin task type
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