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Editing Chart Settings
Define the chart settings in the Chart Settings dialog box.
Chart Setting
Saved Search
The task filter for chart results. The public and private saved searches that you defined in My webMethods are available for selection.
Default is All My Tasks (Standard Task Inbox).
Chart Type
The type of chart.
The following chart types are available for selection:
*Bar chart
*Pie chart
*Donut chart
*Bubble chart
*Tree chart
Default is Bar chart.
When you point the mouse to a status on a chart, a tooltip appears indicating the number of tasks in the status.
The tooltip is not displayed for Tree charts.
When you click on a status, a dialog box appears indicating the task IDs. You can click a task ID in the dialog box to view the task details page.
You cannot click a status on a Bubble chart and Tree chart to view the task IDs.
Task Parameter
The task data on which the task charting is based.
Group By Task Type
Whether the chart data is grouped by task type.
The Group By Task Type option is not available for Pie chart and Donut chart. It is mandatory for Bubble chart and Tree chart.
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