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Business Console Features
Business Console provides you a rich, simple, scalable, and customizable user interface. The web-based interface launched using My webMethods Server can be customized by using the options provided on the user interface or by using the REST APIs.
The access and functional privileges assigned to you as a My webMethods Server user define the capabilities available to you in Business Console.
The table below lists the operations you can perform on selection of a tab in Business Console.
In Business Console...
You can...
Home > What’s Happening Now
*Monitor process instances, task instances, and case instances in the Work Stream panel.
*View task charting in the Task Activity panel.
*View and collaborate task activities such as posting comments, adding attachments, creating child tasks, and configuring task actions in the Activity Stream panel.
*Quickly identify tasks for a day in My Calendar.
*Search social networking site for posts related to your tasks and view trending information in the Twitter Stream panel.
*Use social guidance to identify user expertise, endorse users, and improve business processes in the Task Experts panel.
Home > Task Inbox
*Search, view, and execute tasks assigned to you either directly to your user account, or indirectly, through a role or group that you are a member of.
Home > AppSpace
*Create new customized AppSpaces using gadgets.
*Group AppSpaces and enable role-based access.
*Edit AppSpaces and configure the gadgets used in the AppSpace.
*Use a customized AppSpace instead of the default What’s Happening Now page.
*View process diagram with interactive step metrics.
*View process instance details, step details, and rule violations.
*View data comparison metrics.
For more information, see webMethods Optimize User’s Guide.
*View general runtime health of business processes on dashboard.
*View process metrics for a specified date range.
*Create escalation tasks and assign these tasks to appropriate individuals.
*Email tasks and escalation actions including contextual information about the task escalated or emailed.
*View process alarms.
For more information, see Working with Business Process Dashboards.
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