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About Business Console
webMethods Business Console is a business window for complex business processing and analytical engines. Business Console uses the capabilities of business process management suite of products, and helps you manage your business processes and perform real-time analysis.
Business Console provides you consolidated and detailed views, AppSpaces, analytics, charting, social guidance, and collaboration environment for executing:
*Business processes and tasks configured in My webMethods Server
*Cases configured in AgileApps Cloud
Business Console is a web and tablet friendly responsive interface for viewing, monitoring, assigning, collaborating, analyzing, escalating, and executing business cases, processes, and tasks. It is a role-based monitoring and social guidance tool for managing business processes.
Business managers can:
*Monitor and analyze business cases, processes, and tasks using AppSpaces, drill-able process models, and charts.
*Manage team and task assignments.
*Escalate tasks, network with experts, endorse experts, and view trending information related to business processes on social media.
Business operators can:
*View, act, and collaborate on the assigned tasks.
*Take help from experts to complete tasks faster and more effectively.
*Execute webMethods processes and tasks.
*Monitor AgileApps Cloud cases.
Administrators can:
*Customize Business Console
*Assign role-based permissions
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