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Use the TaskSearchQueryV2 data type as input to searchTasksIndexed.
The TaskSearchQueryV2 data type includes the same fields as TaskSearchQuery plus the additional fields listed in the table below to support queries on indexed business data.
Field Name
Integer Specifies the starting index of the page of search results. Zero represents the first index of the result set.
Integer Indicates the end of the search results indexed on the page. The toIndex must be greater than the fromIndex and less than or equal to the total result count.
String Optional. Specifies the comma-separated list of field names used to sort the search results. The first entry is the primary sort key, second entry is the secondary sort key, matching the results to the order of the sort key sequence.
When specifying indexed field names, you must provide the database index field name. To determine the value of the database index field name, see TaskSearchQueryTerm.
String Optional. Specifies the comma-separated list of values ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) that match the sortBy list of fields. sortOrder indicates the sort order used to list the fields, ascending or descending order.
Set sortOrder to:
*ASC to display the results in ascending order.
*DESC to display the results in descending order.
The default sortOrder is ascending (ASC).
String Optional. The ID of the principal whose inbox is to be searched. If not specified, the default value is the Task Server User, as defined on the WmTaskClient package's home page.
Boolean Optional. Specifies if the current user’s permission are checked prior to the task search. Default is true.
This parameter is for internal use only. Do not use.