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Summary of Available Operations
The following table lists the operations that the task service provides.
Adds tags to a task.
Adds the specified attachment to a task.
Adds a comment to a task.
Returns the total count of tasks that match the specified search criteria in a searchTasksIndexed search.
Deletes all tags from a task.
Deletes an instance of a task from the Task Engine.
Deletes the specified task attachment.
Deletes a comment from a task.
Service that notifies a waiting step in a task workflow that the workflow is completed.
Returns the TaskInfo object, and optionally the TaskData object, for a specified task.
Returns all the attachments in a task.
Returns the audit log of all of the operations performed on a task.
Returns all the comments in a task.
Returns a list of experts associated with the tags.
Lists all the tags of a task.
Adds a task instance to the Task Engine.
Enables you to roll back the task to any available audit point in the task's audit history.
Returns an array of tasks that match specified search criteria.
Returns a list of tasks that match specified field search criteria.
Returns a subset of tasks that match the specified search criteria against indexed business data.
Modifies an existing task instance on the Task Engine. You use this operation to change information in the task's TaskInfo and TaskData objects. This service applies only to tasks with Active, Error, and Suspended status. For information about updating tasks with other statuses, see Usage Notes.
Updates the specified task attachment.
Updates the specified task comment.
Updates the tags of a task.