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Summary of Data Structures
The following table lists the complex data structures that the task service uses.
Data Structure
Document type representing an attachment.
Document type containing information returned as output from getTaskAudit.
Document type representing a comment in a task.
Holds business data relating to the task. The underlying data structures used to hold the business data in a TaskData object is different for regular Web-service clients and .NET clients.
Contains standard information about a task. You specify certain fields in TaskInfo when you start a task using the queueTask operation. After a task is queued, you can modify fields in TaskInfo using the updateTask operation.
Data object returned as output from the getTask and searchTasks operations. This data structure contains the TaskInfo and TaskData objects associated with a task.
Used as input to the searchTasks operation.
Contains search criteria for the searchTasks operation.
Use the TaskSearchQueryV2 data type as input to searchTasks.