Task Engine 10.11 | Task Engine Webhelp | webMethods Task Engine API and Service Reference | Using the Task Engine Web Service API | countTasksIndexed
Returns the total count of tasks that match the specified search criteria in a searchTasksIndexed search.
Specify the toIndex and fromIndex parameters used in the searchTasksIndexed service to avoid requesting an index beyond the size of the search results.
Boolean Optional. Indicates whether the search query operation includes indexed business data when processing the search query. Use this property when your search query contains search terms that reference indexed business data fields.
Set to:
*true to include business data in the search query processing. An error occurs if businessData is set to true and the task type does not contain any indexed fields.
*false when your search query does not require processing of business data or when your task type does not use any defined indexed business fields.
TaskSearchQueryV2Specifies the TaskSearchQueryV2 object; this is the search criteria. If TaskSearchQueryV2 is null, an error occurs.
String Optional. Specifies the user ID of the My webMethods Server user for which the operation executes. If user is not specified, the administrative user ID under which your client program logged on as is used. When you use this parameter, the search is limited to tasks that are accessible by the user.
Boolean Optional. Indicates whether the operation searches all tasks or only the user’s inbox. This parameter is over-ridden if the user parameter contains a value.
Set to:
*true to execute the search only on the user’s inbox.
*false to search accessible user tasks; this is the default value.
By default, only active tasks are returned. This can be overridden with the showNonActiveTasks parameter in TaskSearchQuery.
Output Parameters
Returns the total number of tasks that match the query.