Task Engine 10.11 | Task Engine Webhelp | webMethods Task Engine API and Service Reference | Using the Task Engine RESTful Web Services in Integration Server | Overview
The WmTaskClient package contains RESTful web services that you can use in conjunction with the REST service capabilities of Integration Server. For more information about REST services in general, and about implementing the REST services in Integration Server, see the Software AG PDF publication REST Developer’s Guide. Prior to implementing these RESTful web services, you should have a working knowledge of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
For more information about working with Integration Server services in general, see the webMethods Service Development Help in Designer.
The Task Engine RESTful web services share data structures (documents) with the Task Engine built-in services. Information about the data structures referred to in the RESTful web service reference topics can be found in the Summary of Data Structures.
In addition to the parameters shown in the RESTful web service reference topics in this section, the Task Engine RESTful web services can also be implemented with parameters from any of the underlying built-in services. These parameters can be specified as key-value pairs in the RESTful web service URL, or as part of an associated JSON document.
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