Task Engine 10.11 | Task Engine Webhelp | webMethods Task Engine API and Service Reference | Using the Task Engine RESTful Web Services in Integration Server | POST a Vote to a Task Instance
POST a Vote to a Task Instance
This REST request registers a single user vote for the specified status. Applies only to task instances, queued from votable task types. The underlying built-in service is pub.task.taskclient:voteTask.
Use this HTTP request and include optional parameters in the request body:
POST /rest/pub/opentask/taskID/vote?status=status
Input Parameters
String Required. The unique identifier that Task Engine assigns to the task instance.
String Required. The task status for which to vote.
String Optional. The user ID of the My webMethods Server user on whose behalf this service will execute. If user is not specified, the user ID associated with the WmTaskClient package is used.
Output Parameters
String A confirmation message with the task ID and the supplied status.
Usage Notes
The user ID specified for user must have appropriate permissions to vote for the task instance. If the supplied user does not have this permission, an exception is thrown.